RAPID BUILDING SOLUTION Structures are suited to TEMPORARY BUILDING requirements. The engineer designed,  light weight aluminium structures make them easy to erect in small in awkward to get to places.

Typical uses are:

  • Entertainment venues
  • Storage facilities
  • Weather protection

Structures are available up to 30m wide. The sides may be either vertical or at a 70 deg angle.

The standard roof covering is fire retardant flexible PVC, fitted through groves to ensure 100% waterproofing. In addition the use of solid roof sheeting is available for the longer term installations.

The building design shape allows for a high internal volume. This allows for less internal temperature fluctuation or higher material volume, depending on what the end use of the building is. The structural elements are aluminium which make the building light in weight and resistant to corrosion, both attributes that help make it ideal as a temporary structure. 

Many customers leave the buildings up for extended periods of time. In these cases we recommend the placing of mass concrete foundations to attach the structure to, alternatively steel pegs are driven into hard ground to ensure the structure is fixed in place.

The structures are built using the high strength to weight ration AMPLIBEAM. This structural aluminium member is ideally suited to this type of application. For more information about the AMPLIBEAM please visit the AMPLIFORM website.


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