RAPID ROOFING SOLUTIONS Radius Arch Structure is the ideal shape for the storage of bulk materials. The high arch at the centre creates the perfect shape for the efficient storage of any bulk material.

Structures are available up to 45m wide and any length and  can easily be erected in difficult to access places. A variety of cover sheeting may be used including solid steel and aluminium roof sheeting or a  flexible PVC sheeting. In addition this design allows the structures to be moved and re-erected elsewhere without too much effort. Therefore mass concrete bases are preferred for mounting the structures on but if the move is temporary then these are not essential.

Buildings can be left open on the sides and gable ends if required, alternatively they may be totally enclosed using either fabric or a more permanent installation like metal sheeting or brick work.

The buildings are engineer designed and certification is issued for each project. A geotechnical report is important to have as the size of the mass concrete bases will be based on this information. Being manufactured from light weight aluminium enables us to erect the structures without the need for heavy lifting equipment and should the building be required to be moved this can be done with relative ease.

The structural design makes use of the high strength to weight ratio AMPLIBEAM. This product is a great structural support member. For more information on the product you can visit the AMPLIFORM website.

Below are some examples of work we have done. For more information please contact us.


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