RAPID BUILDING SOLUTIONS structures adapt easily as an AIRCRAFT HANGAR. These hangars are suitable for both fixed wing aircraft and helicopters.

The Radius Arch Structure of the Rapid Building shape is ideally suited to aircraft hangars because of the high centre point allowing for easy access of the aircraft’s high tail. In addition the width of the structure allow as for clearance for the wing tips of the aircraft. Because of the shape small and medium sized aircraft with a wing span of up to 30m are easily accommodated inside the RAPID BUILDING AIRCRAFT HANGARS.

The roof truss design allows for the structure to easily be taken down if it is required to be relocated. Therefore the RAPID BUILDING AIRCRAFT HANGAR may be categorized as either PERMANENT or TEMPORARY in nature! 

The structures may have the gable ends left open, for easy access, or they can be fully closed with sliding doors either both ends or just one end as they are easily fitted. In addition the sides may also be left open or they can be closed with either the roof sheet cladding coming down to the ground or with vertical brick walls being erected. Above all this will then allow for a totally secure hangar for storage and to the carrying out of maintenance.

The temporary form of the structures are quick and easy to erect and may be erected without first casting concrete bases or the use of heavy lifting equipment. These installations must however make use of suitable base plates that are securely tied down and it must be noted that the ability of the structure to withstand high wing loads will be greatly reduced.

Rapid roofing structures are engineer designed and incorporate the high strength to weight ratio Amplibeam. For more information on this structural aluminium member please visit their website.


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