RAPID ROOFING SOLUTIONS is the brand name of an innovative aluminium beam roofing structure manufactured by Alifab in Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa.

The company is a division of Ampliform cc. Ampliform has been in operation since 1983 and supplies the construction industry. Ampliform is a privately owned company registered in South Africa.


Permanent Roofing Applications

Rapid Roofing Structures have been used in a wide range of permanent and semi-permanent roofing structure applications. Their light weight, corrosion resistance, easy erection and durability have seen them being adapted for use in a wide variety of roof structure functions.


The Radius Arch makes use of the award winning ‘Amplibeam’ as the main structural member. The ALB 200, ALB 365 and ALB 475 are used in the arch and the ALB 200 is used as a purloin. This enables us to economically span from 10m to 45m over the ground and up to 35m over a swimming pool.

The structures are designed to comply with SABS building codes and AFSA aluminium design codes.

We have erected buildings in numerous places around the world. Our simple erection methods ensure heavy lifting equipment is not required and the materials ensure a long and maintenance free life span.

Amplibeam structural properties are available at www.ampliform.co.za/amplibeam

Popular Uses

Aircraft Hangars

Swimming Pool Enclosures

Bulk Storage & Industrial Facilities

Halls- Community & Religious

The radius arch is available in a variety of cross sections. These have been broken down into 3 styles, based on the arch segment member. PDF files of the available sizes may be downloaded below.

Roof Sections 1 – 6m, 8m & 10m wide FREE SPAN x 3m bay spacing’s.

Roof Sections 2 – 11.5m, 15.5m & 19.5m wide FREE SPAN x 4m bay spacing’s.

Roof Sections 3 – 20m, 25m, 30m & 35m wide FREE SPAN x 5m bay spacing’s.

We are able to span to 45m wide FREE SPAN over a ground area and reduced arch spacing’s.

The sizes given are standard sizes but in-between sizes can be manufactured on request.

Structural designs are available for each size and Structural Certificates will be supplied with each purchase.


We are able to fix a wide range of roof sheeting onto the structures and therefore the roof sheet finish may be specified to suit your requirements. The most popular and therefore our standard sheet products are polycarbonate, aluminium and zinc alume.

A wide range of products are available in these 3 standards and the one best suited to your application will be considered.

Sheeting is placed over the structure to eave height on the sides and upper gables as a standard. This may be changed at your request. A combination of sheeting types is also acceptable.

Flexible PVC roof sheeting may also be used. This makes the structure less permanent but decreases erection time.


There is a wide variety of finishes that may be applied to the sides. Either Alifab or an outside contractor can complete the enclosing of the roofing structure. The sides may be finished to suit your requirements.

The options available include:

  • Brick work
  • Sheet cladding
  • Aluminium and glass
  • PVC fabrics

We can supply any of these directly or through sub-contractors. You are also welcome to engage your own sub-contractor.


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