RAPID BUILDING SOLUTIONS produce very adaptable ROOF TRUSSES and therefore they become suitable for use as a roof cover for a wide variety of roofing applications.

In addition all our structures are engineer designed in our typical arch shape portal frame units or as hexagonal domes. Portal Arch roof structures are designed to free span up to 45m however the largest dome undertaken had a free span of 65m across the corners. 

The versatility of the RAPID ROOF TRUSSES has allowed us to provide design solutions for a great variety of roofing applications. For instance these include:

  • School Halls
  • Church Halls
  • Sport Center Covers
  • Wholesale / Retail Outlets
  • Warehouses
  • Swimming Pool Enclosures
  • Aircraft Hangars
  • Bulk Material Storage

Engineer Designed Arch Portal Frame structures are available up to 45m free span width, however the length can usually be much longer.

A variety of roof sheeting may be used including metal (steel and aluminium), polycarbonate and flexible PVC.

The structures are designed using expanded aluminium alloys beams with an extremely high strength to weight ratio, for the main structural members, making the structure light weight and resistant to a wide variety of corrosive substances. Designs may be done to suit your specific needs. 

The main structural members are AMPLIBEAMS and more information can be found on these beams at the AMPLIFORM website.


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