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Aircraft Hangars




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Church Building

Alifab has been awarded the contract to build a church hall for the community of Tembsa on the east rand. The rapid roofing structure is ideal for use as a hall for worship. The architect has designed the 24m wide x 50m long free span building in a manner that best suits the needs of this community.

These structures are ideal of erecting where no lifting equipment can be used as none is required for erecting these structures, up to 35m free span width.

Amplibeam structures

The development of the Amplibeam Type 475 has allowed for the extended use of aluminium in structural applications. The Radius arch Structure can now expand to a staggering 45m wide! This combined with infinite length allows for a massive free span structure. All this built without heavy lifting equipment. Now that is news.




Aircraft Hangar applications


Radius Arch Roofing Structure are ideal for use as temporary or permanent Aircraft Hangars.

They are suitable for small to medium size aircraft with a wing span up to 35m. The high centre allows for aircraft tails to easily enter and the wide free span ensures unobstructed entrance for the wings.


The structures can be left open for easy access or sliding doors are easily fitted to allow for secure holding and to carry out maintenance.


Temporary structures are quick and easy to erect and can be erected without placing concrete bases if required. This will however reduce the structures ability to withstand wind loads.


For more information on the structures see our Design Section.